Bellplus Media is singularly focused on Digital Out of Home Advertising services. Our primary objective is to substantially increase a company’s brand recognition and exposure through strategic digital advertising modes. We work diligently in providing DOOH services.

With a long and successful history of developing and advancing new technology, bringing new e-concepts to market, and leading modern-day innovation in the advertising industry, Bellplus Media is devoted to building brands, propelling brand messages, and maximizing brand engagement via the power of high-impact digital visual communication.

The Bellplus Media DOOH screens make it easy for brands to effectively target and engage clearly defined audiences across a multitude of lifestyle environments.

Bellplus Media is the largest, independent, privately-held digital-out-of-home technology. Our mission is to transform the digital out-of-home experience through technology empowering brands to conceive smarter with DOOH campaigns.

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Benefits of DOOH:

Non-skippable, 100% the most viewable ad format

More evolved geo-targeting and geo-fencing capabilities

Unleash your creativity with campaigns that are both unique, trendy, engaging, and fun to watch


Our Vision

Our Vision is to tell the story that each brand wants its audience to hear through digital out of home advertising (DOOH) and make it accessible to everyone, from brand new start-ups to well-established companies.


Our Mission

We believe it should be easy for brands to talk to their target audience, Uninterrupted. Our mission is to facilitate this flow of conversation which clears the gap between brands and audience toenhance brand engagement.

Awards & Recognition


Our Founders

C.V. Gayathri Monika

(Co-Founder and Managing Director) 
Gayathri is a passionate entrepreneur; she has been accredited with the "Outstanding Leadership Award " at InterContinental Marketing 2.0 conference. She is one of the most successful & influential women. Her areas of expertise are identifying & developing business strategies, determining opportunities for business growth & optimizing new marketing strategies. She heads sales & marketing at Bellplus Media.

K.Dev Abhilash

Co-Founder and CEO

Dev firmly believes that the success of a company stems from happy clients. To this end, he is instrumental in implementing the core ethics and values that make customers trust Bellplus Media implicitly. He has held various sales positions in advertising firms. Currently, he heads operations and acquisition at Bellplus Media.

frequently asked questions

The best digital out-of-home advertising mediums for branding are

  • Digital Out Door
  • Tech parks

“Bellplus Media” is established on Jan 8th,2021. It is one of the top DOOH advertising agencies in India.

The founders of Bellplus Media are; C.V. Gayathri Monika is the Co-Founder & the Managing Director, and K. Dev Abhilash is the CEO & Co-founder.

We are available in metropolitan cities spread all across India, in locations; Bangalore, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Goa. For More Details Click Here

Bellplus Media contributes to providing eco-friendly solutions in terms of finding alternatives for reducing deforestation, air pollution caused because of Flexi, and lowering energy consumption. For More Info Click Here

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