Mall Advertising

What is Mall Advertising?


Digital out-of-home advertising relates to advertising-based networks, including digital floor kiosk displays, outdoor signage, digital billboards & digital displays in lobbies & open spaces, which can be found in malls and other businesses known as mall advertising.

Why shopping & commercial Malls Advertising?


Advertise in sky-scraping traffic areas to gain massive visibility for your brand. Your brand gets noticed & increases


Drive traffic


Purchasing power

Advertising in the crucial location around the mall is the most significant way to get noticed by your customers.

Digital advertising inside or outside shopping malls connect brands to their customers. Unlike many OOH advertising platforms, mall advertising stands as the point of purchase advertising, soon turning into a new kind of brand advertising.

There would be a scope of targeting a substantial diversified mass of audience, as shopping malls turn out to be the most frequently Go-to places in recent times.

Why Bellplus for Shopping Malls Advertising?


Bellplus devices have a dedicated HD Brightness display with high-end Video& Audio quality to reach the audience.

We provide a portal with cloud-based technology for real-time tracking with the dashboard to analyze the display advertisement.

Our client can access & customize the content and play the advertisement within minutes.

In association with bellplus media & brands, you can build a brand image for your commercial space & shopping malls.

The end-to-end device setup process will be completely taken care of by bellplus media. Let your shopping mall covers everything.

Why Bellplus media for commercial & co-working spaces advertising?

Utilize your co-working space & get benefited

Implement Digital OOH In co-working spaces & build engagement with bellplus media.

Increase the visibility & brand value of your commercial space

Generate monetary revenue

Advantages of Mall Advertising:


Point of Sale Marketing


Mall advertising is an end-point marketing tool, providing you the opportunity to reach the individuals when they are already in the mood to shop.

Path of purchase

Ensured attention

Branding & sales growth

Impulse Buying

Since the consumers are already standing at a shopping place, willing to spend, the effort by the brand to get the consumer into the buying outlook remains low. Exciting adverts will impulse even the not so interested individuals into buying your products.



As mall advertising is location-specific, brands can easily target the local audience and mold the advert according to the locals' tastes, preferences, and needs.



Get your brand noticed by your audience with bellplus media.

Brand Advertising in the most impactful residential community advertising: Connect your audience to their homes.

Help you reach out to the high purchasing power audience with our premium lifestyle advertising concept to convert more customers to our client with digital display solutions.

Bellplus media provides access to analytics & reports to analyze real-time data & timely reports for clients.

Bellplus media provides screen space to display our clients' ads with the loop time of 2Minutes.

Bellplus media provides flexibility in choosing online screen slots & locations of the digital outdoor display screen slots to reach out to their customers.

The content displayed on the screens can be changed according to customization & preferences within seconds with a self-operated mobile application..

Bellplus media provides patent software that benefits operations and advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It helps brands connect with their customers and the target audience in public spaces. It has the high purchasing power to reach high visibility range.
Having your advertisement on digital screens in prime locations around the mall is known as Mall advertising, it comes under the branch of DOOH advertising services. It is an amazing way to get your brand noticed and also drives traffic to your stores in the mall quickly.
For DOOH advertising in shopping malls, we have enlarged digital screens for brands/businesses to run advertisements in dynamic campaign mode.
Digital screens are located in a shopping mall near elevators, mall entrances, lounge areas, etc.
talk about seasons, best time slots in a day, weekends
talk about seasons, best time slots in a day, weekends

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